We look forward to seeing you when we reopen our gates

Yes, it happens again. You will have to stay for a while without us (and also all of us without you). From 19.12.2020 we will not meet in our club until further notice. Current regulations will not allow us to do that. As soon as possible we will reopen and we would be happy to meet you again. You do not have to check out from gym reservations, we will do it for you. We will inform you about the reopening of our club on social networks and by e-mail.


Do not forget to take care of yourself, take a rest and relax. Don’t stress, sleep as long as possible, enjoy the people you love. Build immunity, exercise, don’t overeat and overdrink and spend a lot of time in the fresh air.


We already miss you and we look forward to seeing you again.


Your FF team