Our club is staying closed from 16. 11. 2020

Dear clients,

Our club is staying closed. Regarding to Government Notice Issued on November 13, 2020 which prescribes measures when endangering public health to restrict operations and mass events:

According to § 48 par. 4 letter a) e), r) and w) of the Act are ordered to all fitness center operatorsobserve the following measures: set the maximum operating capacity for 6 customers.

With such a limitation of the number of members who can be inside our club at one time, we are able to fully satisfy the demands and requirements of only a really small number of members. We do not want to discriminate anyone, give preference, make advisers; with this number, only a small percentage of you would get into the club.

However, we continue to monitor the situation and as soon as the measures are released that we can provide you with an opportunity to use our services ina club to satisfied you on reasonable level, we will inform you on our website, Facebook, instagram and in emails.

Stay healthy, stay optimistic, don’t stress and relax.


Your FF team