Health Factory – Moving against aging

  • Sport and fitness is an effective solution to the consequences of aging
  • Regular training can prevent many diseases
  • Cardio training as a tool to slow down aging at the cellular level
  • Cardio exercises, as well as yoga and strength training play an important role in strengthening the heart

According to a study by the European Heart Journal (2018), the most effective approach to delaying aging is cardio training. Especially activities such as running, swimming, spinning, cycling, or HIIIT (high-intensity interval training), which has gained in popularity in recent years. Endurance types of training show better effectiveness in preventing aging compared to strength training, at least at the cellular level. It is therefore ideal to include regular training 3-4 times a week. Lack of exercise is one of the biggest factors in the development of cardiovascular disease and other life-threatening diseases.

“As we age, our metabolism slows down and our muscles shrink. It is generally known that after the age of 30, each adult loses 3-4 kg of muscle in one whole decade. This goes hand in hand with slowing down basal metabolism. The only way to speed up or at least maintain metabolism is regular exercise and a good balanced diet, “says Marek Kadlec, Regional Fitness Manager at Form Factory, responsible for working with personal trainers in Czech Republik and fitness club equipment in CZ and SK.

Health Factory, a Form Factory project aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and active movement, has been presenting for a year. In August, the main topic will be the connection between fitness, a healthy lifestyle and exercise as a prevention against aging. There are over 2,000 group lessons available in all Form Factory fitness clubs, many of which are based on cardio training and which are suitable for preventing the signs of aging and preventing diseases of civilization. Form Factory fitness clubs also have a number of aids and modern machines optimal for personal training, along with more than 100 professional personal trainers.

In addition, the Health Factory project will bring a number of instructional fitness videos and professional content to the August theme within its own fitness platform