December special club opening  

From 1. 12. 2020 we are opening the club under very special conditions that valid in December. A maximum of 6 customers can be in our club in one time. Therefore, we will open a club for everyone who wants to come to exercise under special conditions in December and support their health with exercise.


Memberships are still frozen and cannot be used. Of course, you will be able to use days you have prepaid by 15th October 2020 after we open club under better condition than now. Cardio, Machine, Functional and CrossFit /Sretching zone will be available in our fitness club in December. Changing rooms, toilets and showers will also be available. The sauna is not on in December. Group lessons are closed. However, you can at least exercise them online. You can find all videos on our YouTube Form Factory Slovakia.


Only one entry membership is valid in December. MultiSport card users can entry as well. The price of a single entry is 8 €. Price for our active members is 6 €. FREE PASS is not valid in December.


We will sell only water in bottles; we will prepare coffee and protein for you (take away). We believe that everyone in the club will behave responsibly (observe the visiting rules, stricter hygiene rules) and, last but not least, observe the time of arrival and departure from the club. Rules:


  • entry to the club will be limited to 80 minutes from entry to departure at a specific time according to the booking hours. Please follow the timing on arrival and departure. Later arrival at the booked training means that you will shorten the time of your stay in the club
  • in the club premises (outside the exercise) it is necessary to wear a face mask or have covered airways
  • change your shoes at the reception (in the part in front of the turnstiles)
  • it will be possible to use only lockers prepared for changing (limited number)
  • book your training time in advance in your client zone or by phone +421 948 949 569. E-mail reservation is not possible. Reservations are possible at the earliest and no more than five days in advance, no later than 10 minutes before the scheduled hour.


Booking hours will be at the following times:


Monday -Friday

06:30 – 07:50

07:50 – 09:10

09:10 – 10:30

10:30 – 11:50

11:50 – 13:10

13:10 – 14:30

14:30 – 15:50

15:50 – 17:10

17:10 – 18:30

18:30 – 19:50

19:50 – 21:10


Saturday – Sunday

08:00 – 09:20

09:20 – 10:40

10:40 – 12:00

12:00 – 13:20

13:20 – 14:40

14:40 – 16:00

16:00 – 17:20

17:20 – 18:40

18:40 – 20:00


Thank you in advance for respecting our rules. We are looking forward to you and we believe that this situation will not discourage you from regular exercise.


Your Form Factory team